Showerheads & Sprayers



  • Karen M.

    This Dog Washer & Shower Attachment has been a lifesaver. Bath time is so much easier and less stressful now.

  • Nina L.

    Wow! Just wow! This Dog Washer & Shower Attachment makes grooming my furry friend a breeze. Couldn't recommend it enough!

  • Ellen W.

    Furfect Pet's Dog Washer & Shower Attachment has made our bath times enjoyable. Less mess, less stress, more fun!

  • Rachel A.

    My dog has never been cleaner! This product is very easy to handle, and my dog seems to enjoy it.

  • Tim H.

    The design is simple but effective. It cleans thoroughly and saves so much time!

  • Vanessa T.

    It's so easy to use and does an excellent job. A top-notch product for every dog owner.

  • Lisa B.

    Our dog usually hates bath time but he's been much calmer since we started using this attachment. Highly recommend it.

  • Cynthia R.

    This is exactly what we needed. Makes bathing our dog so much simpler and less stressful.

  • Roger F.

    Furfect Pet's product has changed the way I bathe my dog. It's quick, efficient, and fun. I'll never go back to the old way.